Rallye Legend Walter Röhrl & Heinz Bauer Manufakt

Rallye Legend Walter Röhrl & Heinz Bauer Manufakt

When rally legend Walter Röhrl recently celebrated his 70th birthday, he also commented on the causes and reasons for his fantastic career on TV: "You have to let passion and meticulousness prevail and then have the courage to do it". Jochen Bauer nodded in agreement when he heard these words of his prominent representative. That seemed very familiar to him, the two-time world rally champion he was talking about.

Walter Röhrl and Jochen Bauer have been working together since 2010. Walter Röhrl likes to wear the authentic and characterful leather jackets by Heinz Bauer Manufakt,  made of high-quality natural materials.

Röhrl and Bauer and "their products" have more in common. Heinz Bauer Manufakt is known for their original convertible collection, with which the quality brand has long since made a name for itself internationally. Jochen Bauer is a passionate convertible car driver and has turned his personal passion into a profession. The love of automobiles and motorsport has been connecting Röhrl and Bauer for some time.


On Walter Röhrl's 70th birthday, Heinz Bauer Manufakt launched a special edition jacket. A reminiscence of the motorsport legend Walter Röhrl for his fans and admirers. The inner lining is printed with the autograph of the world rally champion and with a racing motive of Walter Röhrl in action.

The leather jacket is designed in a biker style with shoulder and sleeve paddings and perforated elements. The jacket develops a fantastic patina the more you wear it.

Calf leather, natural, gently tanned, best materials, modern cut, luxurious details: wind deflector, sunglasses bag. Handmade in Germany.

Walter Röhrl is known for his straight talking. He talks about successes and problems without much emotion; dry and analytic.  Jochen Bauer is heading in exactly this direction when it comes to clothing. "If you're the fastest, there must be a reason behind it," says Walter Röhrl. "If the consumers buy our product, the reason behind it is the detail that goes into each jacket creating it. ," says Jochen Bauer.

Motorsport legend Walter Röhrl took part in around 250 races at world rally championships and international circuit races – from Monte Carlo Rally to 24 Hours racing at Le Mans. This is the reasoning behind limiting this special edition jacket to 250 pieces.

Another quote from Walter Röhrl from his most recent TV appearances: "Only by meticulous preparation you ensure to have everything under control." It is a perfect fit the 70th birthday of Röhrl and the special edition cabriolet jacket made by Heinz Bauer Manufakt.

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